the trio presents...

by Charlie Chaplin

The Cardoso Trio on guitars & Toni Vitagliani on percussion

A Night in the Show is a masterpiece by Charlie Chaplin from 1915. One hundred years is not enough to scratch the beauty and poetry contained in the short film; in it Charlot, with his irresistible, tender gags, returns to enliven an evening at the theater as only he knows how to do, casually mixing human characters and paradoxical situations, with a gymnastic narration that makes rhythm the main aesthetic feature, all contextualised in an environment that He, together with us, loves deeply, the Theatre!


The Quartet formed by the Cardoso Trio and the percussionist Toni Vitagliani sets the film to music, accompanying it, frame after frame, with the notes written for the occasion by Massimiliano De Foglio, thanks to a careful and inspired sound system which intends to intertwine with the images to become it itself, by turns, dreamy melody or comic commentary, energetic dance rather than expressive underscoring.


The Quartet completes the concert with a selection of brilliant and virtuosic pieces inspired by the folklore of the numerous countries around the world to which the Cardoso Trio has had the pleasure and honor of being invited during twenty-five years of concert activity.

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