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(The) Cardoso Guitar Trio was founded in 1995 by the meeting between the experience of the Giancola – Ottombrino duo and the talent of Massimiliano De Foglio. The understanding, first human and then musical, immediately achieved between the three musicians. It characterizes the instrumental ensemble and permeates its performances.

Trio Cardoso presents Kosmos

The new album by Trio Cardoso live on the web Italy / Paraguay


The “Trio Cardoso” was born in 1995 from the meeting between the decades of experience of the Giancola – Ottombrino Duo and the talent of Massimiliano De Foglio. The understanding, first human and then of a musical nature, was immediately achieved between the three musicians, characterizing the instrumental ensemble and permeating its performances.


From its foundation to today, over a thousand concerts have been held by the Trio all over the world (Spain, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Argentina, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, United States, Morocco, Turkey and Paraguay), guest of prestigious concert events and the most important Guitar Festivals Prestigious contemporary authors have dedicated original compositions to the “Trio Cardoso” (Jorge Cardoso, Carlo Crivelli, Pedro Pablo Vera Ayala, Remigio Pereira, Giorgio Paris, Sisto Misticoni and Marco Giannoni above all).

Alessandro Giancola
Massimiliano De Foglio
Guido Ottombrino


Trio Cardoso (guitars) with Toni Vitagliani (percussion)



Interview | Mbarakapu Concert

Interview with the Trio Cardoso at the Mbarakapù concert


Mbarakapu by Jorge Cardoso

Chamame dal Triplo with concert for guitars and orchestra
MBARAKAPU by Jorge Cardoso with Toscanini’s Flutes
(conductor: Paolo Totti)


Shakespeare’s Moon

Music by Nino Rota – Cloister of San Giovanni, Brescia.
Massimiliano De Foglio, Alessandro Giancola and Guido
Ottombrino: guitars


White Room Records

For the “classical music” column produced by White Room
Records, (the) Trio Cardoso interprets with “six hands” a
piece of their composition TRINO. Recorded in the
wonderful location of Rosciolo AQ – church Santa Maria in
Valle Porclaneta.


La vita è bella ! By Nicola Piovani

Soundtrack of the film “La vita è Bella” by Roberto Benigni.
Concert held by (the) Trio Cardoso with the Carminis
Cantores Choir directed by Maestro Ennio Bertolotti.


Zapateado Caribe

A beautiful live session of the song Zapateado Caribe, by
(the) Trio Cradoso, for the Classical Music column.
Performed at the Talia theater in Tagliacozzo AQ.


Trio Cardoso present KOSMOS

International release of the CD “Kosmos” with live web Italy-Paraguay!

Sabato 16 gennaio 2021 – ore 21,30 su facebook e Paraguay TV

AlfaMusic present MBARAKAPÙ

The new album by the Cardoso Trio with the National Symphony Orchestra of Paraguay conducted by Maestro Juan Carlos Dos Santos.

Our Album

Trio Cardoso

- La Stanza Dei Sogni

Trio Cardoso

- Samba D'Ouro

Trio Cardoso

- Tanghi & Milonghe

Trio Cardoso

- Kosmos

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