The “Trio Cardoso” was founded in 1995 by the meeting between the experience of the Giancola - Ottombrino duo and the talent of Massimiliano De Foglio.

The understanding, first human and then musical, immediately achieved between the three musicians. It characterizes the instrumental ensemble and permeates its performances.

From its foundation to today, over a thousand concerts have been held by the Trio all over the world (Spain, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Argentina, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, United States, Morocco, Turkey and Paraguay). The Trio was a guest of prestigious concert events and of the most important Guitar Festivals. Prestigious contemporary authors have dedicated original compositions to the “Trio Cardoso” (Jorge Cardoso, Carlo Crivelli, Pedro Pablo Vera Ayala, Remigio Pereira, Giorgio Paris, Sisto Misticoni and Marco Giannoni above all).

In March 1998 the Trio created the CD “Samba d’ouro” which contains original pieces for guitar by the famous Argentine guitarist and composer Jorge Cardoso who in the year 2000 composed the Triple Concerto for guitars and orchestra “Mbarakapù′ for the trio that is dedicated to him.

In May 2003 the Trio recorded its second CD “Tanghi & Milonghe” that was enthusiastically received by critics. The harmony, the technique and the musicality of the three artists have received unanimous acclaim everywhere. This is how illustrious performers and composers expressed themselves after listening to them in concert:


“I had the immense pleasure of listening to a concert by the Trio Cardoso. They provided a stupendous performance in which the musical qualities of each were able to excel, contributing to the unity of the Trio. The synchronization was impeccable, the musical taste refined and everything was played with technical perfection. I can’t wait to listen to them again.”

[David Russell]


“… the sound is pure and very refined, the interpretation is meticulous, perfect, the sound mix is exquisite…”
[Jorge Cardoso]


“…if I think about the subtle nuances of the sound of guitars I cannot help but refer to their impressive sonic possibilities of power, timbral delicacy and interpretative intelligence…”
[Carlo Crivelli


The third CD of the Trio Cardoso, “La stanza dei sogni”, was recorded live during a concert held in Rome (which is very rare for a classical music CD), while the fourth CD, “Ten”, contains pieces for choir and guitar trio.
The fifth CD, “Vientos y Cuerdas”, saw the Trio Cardoso alongside the “Toscanini” Flute Orchestra directed by Maestro Paolo Totti.
The sixth CD, “Mbarakapu”, was recorded in 2015 in South America with the Paraguayan Symphony Orchestra and contains the Triple Concerto “Mbarakapu” written by Jorge Cardoso for Guitars and Orchestra. The latest album, the CD “Kosmos – Concerto per i Popoli”, was also recorded in Asuncion with the OSN of Paraguay to celebrate the first 25 years of activity of the Trio Cardoso.
It contains two Concertos for three guitars and orchestra and two Fantasies which are for the same ensemble. All of them are original compositions written for the occasion. Kosmos is a celebration together with all the peoples of the world with quotes and musical forms from the five continents. The Trio also participated, as a solo group, in the creation of the soundtracks of the following films: “La Balia” by Marco Bellocchio, “Malefemmene” by Fabio Conversi, “Ginostra” by Manuel Pradal, “Un viaggio chiamato amore” by Michele Placido , “La Spettatrice” by Paolo Franchi and numerous others (all with music by Carlo Crivelli); it collaborated with the “Città Aperta” and “Regionale del Lazio” Orchestras.

Alessandro Giancola and Guido Ottombrino, in addition to having diplomas in Guitar, have degrees in Music Disciplines, Massimiliano De Foglio has diplomas in Guitar, Composition and Orchestra Conducting. Experts in musical communication, they founded the Experimental Research Laboratory “The places of the invisible” together with the set designer Marco De Foglio.

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