The new album of the Cardoso Trio

International release of the CD “Kosmos” with live web Italy-Paraguay!

The CD “Kosmos” – Concerto per i Popoli, is the gift that the Trio Cardoso wanted to give itself to celebrate its first 25 years of activity! It is a beautiful tour around the world made by the trio together with the National Symphony Orchestra of Paraguay and its magnificent director, Maestro Juan Carlos Dos Santos.


For some years now the happy collaboration between the OSN of Asuncion and the Cardoso Guitar Trio has been producing colorful and tasty artistic fruits, so that the recording project, which comes to light on Saturday 16 January 2021, was born from the common desire to embrace each other in an ideal embrace; a musical embrace which, starting from South America to arrive in Europe, joyfully extended to include all five continents of our planet.


The journey, in fact, starts from Paraguay with the Concerto in C Major for three guitars and orchestra op. 14 by Pedro Paolo Vera Ayala who, in the three movements of which it is composed, creates an indissoluble artistic seal between Europe and America, between classical musical forms and soft traditional sounds, between popular dances and the broad and solid compositional vision of M° Ayala , in a plot that surprises and captures.

We then continue with Kosmos by Massimiliano De Foglio which already in the subtitle, Concerto per i Popoli, declares its artistic manifesto: an expression of gratitude and a convinced celebration of all geographical and cultural diversity! Divided into 5 movements (Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia and America), the Concert is a journey around the world or, better said, a total immersion IN the world, and is an authentic triumph of dances, sounds and colours. The journey proposed by De Foglio to the listener, in fact, is an intoxicating succession of distant, exotic and yet mysteriously familiar places, recalled above all thanks to the rhythms and sounds that the inhabitants of each continent visited use to party. It is the feast of the Encounter, it is the Feast of Universal Fraternity.

The journey ends where it began, in South America, with two Fantasias, also for three guitars and orchestra, by Remigio Pereira. Never could the conclusion have been more guessed, since Maestro Pereira performs a true miracle; he manages to create a sort of exoskeleton, a modern, bold and refined container in which to set two precious typical Paraguayan themes, Misionera and Tren Lechero respectively.

And so, with the notes of the marimba evoking the willing panting of the little train which, stubbornly climbing from village to village, between slopes and steep valleys, carries its load of milk, the journey ends. It ends with a smile of gratitude and a desire to return as soon as possible to visit distant lands and to honor those populations who lovingly guard them.

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